Crowd Control

For the record, it's actually kinda hard to write songs once a week. Mostly because I'm out of space on my computer. Time to get that hard drive...

Crowd Control

i woke up saturday afternoon
my eyes were strained outside was rain
it was nothing new
the calendar that marked the date
said it's too late the 28th

roll over hit snooze


my summer started with an end
digging up bricks feeling sick
think i'll stay in bed
i had nothing to despise
no reason to feel the way i did
so my eyes stayed dry

you left me all alone


i wish you'd left me all alone


Series #1, Song #3

This one I recorded in November 2007 and subsequently have lost in computer translation. So here's my attempt at salvaging the remains of a forgotten memory. plus drums.

Mt. Lung

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhwah


Series #1, Song #2

interestingly enough, this is number two.

song #2 Time to Start:

would you hold my hand as we run through the crowd and explode
behind us alex follows and we make it just in time to behold

the future misses you and me
we ties the know our child is three
to us it couldn't be too soon
the things we talked about came true

now it's time to start


Series #1, Song #1

interestingly enough, this is part of a series of songs.

song #1:
What Would I Do

i don't know what i would do
if i didn't have you

can't you see you're all i ever wanted you to be
from your curls to your feet
you know my love is free

i will take care of you
when i don't have money to


Thinking is Doing

For babies at least. Don't play this for them though. Drum solo, sort of.

Thinking Is Doing

Otherwise, gaybies.


Oh Five

Always look back to move forward. Don't judge me for writing about Halo though.

Oh Five

da da da da da da da

I never could wait to
get to their place to play halo
mostly i would lose
blame the fact i was a newb as the scapegoat
but as time progressed
i grew better than the best and that'd be thomas
so as it stood in '05
i spent the summer takin lives from the ones i loved the most

we were fifteen
our lives were carefree

the only time we'd take a break was to grab a kool-aid and a shake and hit the pool
dive in or do a flip we'd check out all the older chicks boy we thought we were cool
after the hours spent there we'd burn our feet because they were bare on the walk back home
we'd maybe play tag or race back to your pad where the xbox was waitin alone

we were fifteen
our lives were carefree

as summer drew to a close
i knew our friendship wouldn't go but it did
i went off to highschool
where the junior gals thought i was cool lucky kid
so as i reminisce
that house will be missed just like you
you sold it the next year

i'll go back to it i swear but until i do
i'll still play from time to time
whatever works i don't

mind your own business
don't hate me for my interests


Simply Put

This song sparked my venture back into recording. It was november of last year. (I had recorded a handful of songs a year earlier but most have been lost completely, if not marginally). I've since went back and added a few elements (namely drums) so I suppose that earns itself the title "(mix 2)".

It's still obviously ill formed. Let's stay on task though.

Simply Put


One Night, Some Time Ago

There are songs happening. There just aren't songs finishing. This is the first of a slew, promise. Also a fellow by the name of Noel sent me over one of his great songs that I'm supposed to be adding lyrics to, unfortunately I've just recently got out of my lyrical slump (i.e. today). Expect more regarding that soon. A link to his stuff as well.

This is a song I plan (emphasis on plan) to include in a concept EP, all songs having a similar subject matter, or at least basis. There are five or six that are waiting to be finished. This is the first.

One Night, Some Time Ago

one night i woke up
frantic and holed up on a leather couch
i panicked and slouched deeper in the cushions
i felt myself hooked in
my brain kept slipping while they were sleeping

here they are
this is it
they've finally come
to take me with

the electronics malfunctioned
clock blinked twelve
i was still tucked in
as i slowly fell

their snores
i'm bored
wake up
get off the floor

when they poked
i laughed and laughed
when they spoke
it made me sad

before they stopped talking
one more thing
is this the life you wanted?
the answer i had to think

when august comes around you won't think twice
growing up did you ever have a concept of time?


Next Day Mail

Too much Silver Apples. Suggestive of what?


you look tired
why don't you spend the night?
too much wine
my bed'll be just fine


The Cover From Back Then

Sorry mates, dry spell. I've got plenty in the works though. Hold your proverbial horses.

All respect goes to the originators of this ditty, and no respect goes to my pale voice in comparison. Something's weird with it today, maybe because I've not eaten or anything, regardless:

The Girl From Back Then

A lot of people cover this on YouTube, I suppose because it's pretty easy, short and sweet. But nothing beats the original. I just used it as an outlet for a jazzy tune.