One Night, Some Time Ago

There are songs happening. There just aren't songs finishing. This is the first of a slew, promise. Also a fellow by the name of Noel sent me over one of his great songs that I'm supposed to be adding lyrics to, unfortunately I've just recently got out of my lyrical slump (i.e. today). Expect more regarding that soon. A link to his stuff as well.

This is a song I plan (emphasis on plan) to include in a concept EP, all songs having a similar subject matter, or at least basis. There are five or six that are waiting to be finished. This is the first.

One Night, Some Time Ago

one night i woke up
frantic and holed up on a leather couch
i panicked and slouched deeper in the cushions
i felt myself hooked in
my brain kept slipping while they were sleeping

here they are
this is it
they've finally come
to take me with

the electronics malfunctioned
clock blinked twelve
i was still tucked in
as i slowly fell

their snores
i'm bored
wake up
get off the floor

when they poked
i laughed and laughed
when they spoke
it made me sad

before they stopped talking
one more thing
is this the life you wanted?
the answer i had to think

when august comes around you won't think twice
growing up did you ever have a concept of time?

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