Innocent And Pretty

I have a new song, although there are a few changes I'd like to make. Those guitars should just be acoustic for one.

Innocent and Pretty:

i think i'd notice if i have changed
but since i was told this i realized it be sad if i had stayed the same
as always fame is calling

lying on the floor always accept
knocks on the door get up and let them in
so feminine but you know she's alright
despite the fact that she makes me feel attacked

is it those eyes or that she grew up with me
all so familiar originality left
probably not here but i try and i try and this is what i get

cut me some slack i'm trying to get back to where i was last year
all innocent and pretty
stuck in the past growing up fast wondering how i got here
pouty and sickly

Standing At The Bustop I Heard A Voice Behind Me

Mix #2

1. Bistro - Madvillain
2. Dr. Carter - Lil' Wayne
3. Airworks - J Dilla
4. I'm A Lady - Diplo/Santogold
5. Posse On Broadway - Sir Mix A Lot/Diplo/Santogold
6. Basic Instinct - Quasimoto
7. One Blood Under W - Wu-Tang Clan
8. Hoe Cakes - MF DOOM
9. Suicide Uma Schrantz - P.O.S.
10. The Bmore Club Slam - Wale
11. Gold Watch - Lupe Fiasco
12. Phony Rappers - A Tribe Called Quest
13. Hi. - J Dilla
14. Shells - MIA
15. Me - Atmosphere
16. The Artistic Integrity - Wale

Mix #1

Mix #1

1. Risky and Pretty - Asobi Seksu
2. Keechie - No Age
3. Wishful Thinking - Wilco
4. Femme Fatale - Velvet Underground
5. What Child Is This - Vince Guaraldi
6. Gibralter - The Radio Dept.
7. Quick Canal - Atlas Sound
8. I Guess I'm Floating - M83
9. Rebel Rebel - Seu Jorge
10. No More Sorry - My Bloody Valentine
11. Glow Worms - Vashti Bunyan
12. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) - Beach Boys
13. Call the Doctor - Spaceman 3
14. Glacially - Asobi Seksu
15. Lower Your Eyelids To Die With - M83


George Clooney

I guess it all comes down to this eventually. Celebrity hyperbole.

George Clooney:

never go to them
let them come to you
just like i do


You can fiddle with frequencies, twist knobs, compress the heck out of things, but in the end sometimes it's best to just redo it completely. Move that mic back an inch, press record.

I've gotta keep telling myself that, sometimes it's hard to let go.

Totally Ripped

Busy day today, so I didn't get a chance to record. Instead I'll give you guys an oldie. Did this one new year's eve.


it seems like days since you were sittin pretty
feedin lies into a tube
packing so much salt into my wounds that
you're leaving barely any room
respectin lives and
beady eyes and
open flies

too much that no one ever notices
all the faults in your ways
and i'm tired of today

total strangers in our kitchen living room
tried t0 take one for the team
if it wasn't for the trap you set for me
i would've dropped you when i was seventeen

fought my way to the front of the line
i got what i could get
took out a loan and then distributed mine
to all the ladies that i met
ashtrays filled to the point of breaking
like hearts in high school
i'm reminded of a time when i was
just a simple happy fool

what is this in my bed

total breakdown in the cafeteria
dirty rice all on the floor
sending you into a mass hysteria
looks like i'm stuck forever


Safe Travels

Safe Travels


licking the stamps and envelopes
that i am sending to my folks

bobby can you hear me?
bobby stop spitting
bobby won't you shut up

four years isn't a big difference still my words don't stick
i am not a baby i'm just sick
of you


Simple Things

Simple Things:

Alex came over today and helped with the song.
We'll see about the lyrics. Sorry Bradford for ripping the bass line, although we all do it, don't we?

this is weird with you right here my friend
watching us go at it again and again
press record check the tape
won't be long now till we're late

she agreed to it
a lot can change in fifteen minutes

we'll rent out the garage
two couches and two rings for marriage

my mom says we can have her crib
i get food stamps if i declare another dependent

clock's ticking
august ain't too far
don't you wish life could be simpler?



Key Bored


hey man they are watching us
choose your battles put up fuss
job descriptions tired eyes
I sure like to complain and whine

wallowing in the sink
cut your hair
do not think

every day I open up
positive negative
why did she look at me that way
what'd I do what'd i say

get over it