Totally Ripped

Busy day today, so I didn't get a chance to record. Instead I'll give you guys an oldie. Did this one new year's eve.


it seems like days since you were sittin pretty
feedin lies into a tube
packing so much salt into my wounds that
you're leaving barely any room
respectin lives and
beady eyes and
open flies

too much that no one ever notices
all the faults in your ways
and i'm tired of today

total strangers in our kitchen living room
tried t0 take one for the team
if it wasn't for the trap you set for me
i would've dropped you when i was seventeen

fought my way to the front of the line
i got what i could get
took out a loan and then distributed mine
to all the ladies that i met
ashtrays filled to the point of breaking
like hearts in high school
i'm reminded of a time when i was
just a simple happy fool

what is this in my bed

total breakdown in the cafeteria
dirty rice all on the floor
sending you into a mass hysteria
looks like i'm stuck forever

1 comment:

  1. Nico this song is awesome. I love it so much man. How did you do the winding sound? not the vocal effects but the other tune