Crowd Control

For the record, it's actually kinda hard to write songs once a week. Mostly because I'm out of space on my computer. Time to get that hard drive...

Crowd Control

i woke up saturday afternoon
my eyes were strained outside was rain
it was nothing new
the calendar that marked the date
said it's too late the 28th

roll over hit snooze


my summer started with an end
digging up bricks feeling sick
think i'll stay in bed
i had nothing to despise
no reason to feel the way i did
so my eyes stayed dry

you left me all alone


i wish you'd left me all alone


Series #1, Song #3

This one I recorded in November 2007 and subsequently have lost in computer translation. So here's my attempt at salvaging the remains of a forgotten memory. plus drums.

Mt. Lung

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhwah


Series #1, Song #2

interestingly enough, this is number two.

song #2 Time to Start:

would you hold my hand as we run through the crowd and explode
behind us alex follows and we make it just in time to behold

the future misses you and me
we ties the know our child is three
to us it couldn't be too soon
the things we talked about came true

now it's time to start


Series #1, Song #1

interestingly enough, this is part of a series of songs.

song #1:
What Would I Do

i don't know what i would do
if i didn't have you

can't you see you're all i ever wanted you to be
from your curls to your feet
you know my love is free

i will take care of you
when i don't have money to


Thinking is Doing

For babies at least. Don't play this for them though. Drum solo, sort of.

Thinking Is Doing

Otherwise, gaybies.


Oh Five

Always look back to move forward. Don't judge me for writing about Halo though.

Oh Five

da da da da da da da

I never could wait to
get to their place to play halo
mostly i would lose
blame the fact i was a newb as the scapegoat
but as time progressed
i grew better than the best and that'd be thomas
so as it stood in '05
i spent the summer takin lives from the ones i loved the most

we were fifteen
our lives were carefree

the only time we'd take a break was to grab a kool-aid and a shake and hit the pool
dive in or do a flip we'd check out all the older chicks boy we thought we were cool
after the hours spent there we'd burn our feet because they were bare on the walk back home
we'd maybe play tag or race back to your pad where the xbox was waitin alone

we were fifteen
our lives were carefree

as summer drew to a close
i knew our friendship wouldn't go but it did
i went off to highschool
where the junior gals thought i was cool lucky kid
so as i reminisce
that house will be missed just like you
you sold it the next year

i'll go back to it i swear but until i do
i'll still play from time to time
whatever works i don't

mind your own business
don't hate me for my interests


Simply Put

This song sparked my venture back into recording. It was november of last year. (I had recorded a handful of songs a year earlier but most have been lost completely, if not marginally). I've since went back and added a few elements (namely drums) so I suppose that earns itself the title "(mix 2)".

It's still obviously ill formed. Let's stay on task though.

Simply Put


One Night, Some Time Ago

There are songs happening. There just aren't songs finishing. This is the first of a slew, promise. Also a fellow by the name of Noel sent me over one of his great songs that I'm supposed to be adding lyrics to, unfortunately I've just recently got out of my lyrical slump (i.e. today). Expect more regarding that soon. A link to his stuff as well.

This is a song I plan (emphasis on plan) to include in a concept EP, all songs having a similar subject matter, or at least basis. There are five or six that are waiting to be finished. This is the first.

One Night, Some Time Ago

one night i woke up
frantic and holed up on a leather couch
i panicked and slouched deeper in the cushions
i felt myself hooked in
my brain kept slipping while they were sleeping

here they are
this is it
they've finally come
to take me with

the electronics malfunctioned
clock blinked twelve
i was still tucked in
as i slowly fell

their snores
i'm bored
wake up
get off the floor

when they poked
i laughed and laughed
when they spoke
it made me sad

before they stopped talking
one more thing
is this the life you wanted?
the answer i had to think

when august comes around you won't think twice
growing up did you ever have a concept of time?


Next Day Mail

Too much Silver Apples. Suggestive of what?


you look tired
why don't you spend the night?
too much wine
my bed'll be just fine


The Cover From Back Then

Sorry mates, dry spell. I've got plenty in the works though. Hold your proverbial horses.

All respect goes to the originators of this ditty, and no respect goes to my pale voice in comparison. Something's weird with it today, maybe because I've not eaten or anything, regardless:

The Girl From Back Then

A lot of people cover this on YouTube, I suppose because it's pretty easy, short and sweet. But nothing beats the original. I just used it as an outlet for a jazzy tune.


What do Mandy Moore and Ed Droste have in Common?


I use this thing, a delay pedal called the DigiTech DigiDelay. I use it for everything. If I had to have one [instrument] to make music with, it would be that. I've used it on every vocal I've ever done. It's also the source of a lot of sounds on our record that people didn't realize-- the entire first track ["Intro"] is done on one. That's just my voice; there's no keyboards on the majority of that track. There's one keyboard part at the end, but that's it. All the loops are my voice. And a lot of the sounds on "Octet" are my voice looped through this thing. It has a really cool additive way of making loops. Everybody in Deerhunter has one. Every single person in the band, after seeing me use it, was like, "I have to have one of those." It's the one thing we all have in common.
I went to this thrift store in Marietta, and I got this bad-ass Tiffany lamp with a dragonfly design in the stained glass. I really like old stained glass lamps, I have no idea why. But I got that and this fucking insane vintage pearloid yellow drum kit. And my grand total that day was $17. It was totally unexpected too. I saw the drum kit in the window, and I totally expected it to be-- you know how thrift stores will get a shitty Casio keyboard these days and charge $35?-- so I'm expecting them to tell me the drums are $500 or something: "We know what these go for on eBay! We have a computer you know!" So I go back there and ask how much it is, and she was like, "Oh, I don't know, $25." And then I went back in and found that lamp, and I almost shit myself. And then I went to check out, and it turns out it was half-off day. So I got a drum set for 12 bucks! "

- Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound
(full interview)

Just saying.



I haven't played drums like that in a while.

Sorry for the wait, I've just been half-heartedly busy with this and that. Truthfully I haven't been able to record anything for a couple of weeks due to a dive in self confidence (musically). That and I'm out of hard drive space. Not that either of those two things should stop me from writing anything. and I've dabbled. But only today has something remotely come to fruition. It shall be expanded upon and put to tape (digital) as soon as the next opportunity arrives.

But honestly, I feel as though I've been listening to Street Hassle too much since I came to the idea by playing over a loop of myself fingering the general bassline and noodling licks here and there. The chords are different though, and we all know how many songs have Charlie Brown's bassline, hmm?

At least in the drought I've had experiences that lend themselves to being written about. How I could do so without being so overtly obvious to those who were involved, I do not kn
ow. So maybe it's time for me to avoid the vague and plainly write, at the risk of alienating those whom I've written about? Or welcoming them in?

Case in point:

For You


Pack Your Things

This is a song Just Us Caruso did (which I found on Collected Animals). He posted it asking for someone to do vocals, so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately I'm too lazy right now to go back and fix the panning that got messed up in the bounce. So it's just mono which kind of ruins the effect on the vocals (for the imaginitive: picture the words wrapping around your ears more, being spread apart, bigger).

Otherwise though, here it is:

Pack Your Things:


just get up now
don't think 2ice about
who you trust
you must
display a foray
of confidence in me

i promise you'll be free

we are ready to go

leave it all behind
don't worry we'll find
a something new
at least i've got you

we are ready to go

Keep Fightin'

I actually did this a week or so ago.

Keep Fightin':


Peace Out

Remind me to tell you an analogy. Paging doctor improve my guitar skillls.

Peace Out (rough1):

when i was younger i always wondered
what if gene simmons was here?
with nick and sophie it'd be real low key
we'd all share a beer
and nicole richie walked in, unexpectedly bitchy
because what she heard in the news
that everyone and their ma's were freakin out cause
the first pictures of suri cruise dude

peace out life
get ready for the end.

i'm trapped in wisdom and sneaky suspicions
that jett travolta's still alive
and blanket jackson shouldn't have been
subjected to live life in pantomime
and shiloh and maddox will be blowin out wicks
until six becomes nine
but all this chatter doesn't matter
because the revolution will not be televised

peace out life
i'm ready for the end.


You Decide

This is the Perfect example of something I don't know what to do next with.

"The Next Song"


This type of thing happens a lot. Help me.

Although some songs have resulted from coming back to them weeks later, like "Innocent and Pretty", "Key Bored" (which I still need to think of a better name for), and probably another one.

Kroger (mix2)

I actually did change Kroger up a tad, as promised.

Can you spot the changes?

- retracked lead vocals
- polished up the background vocals
- added lead guitar
- changed the sound of the drums a bit, they're dryer, more upfront as opposed to sounding like cardboard boxes (in my opinion they did at least)
- something with the bass (it sounded a bit too muddy before, it might still I forget if I actually addressed this oops).
- etccccc.

Well anygay, here it is:


Better yes?



I certainly could have written better lyrics. Oh well, I like how it turned out. The instruments need to be mixed up to the vocals, I left them up from when I was tracking them and bounced it without remembering to revert it to normal.


there isn't much i wouldn't do
in the name of you
all you have to do
is catch me in the right mood
when your cheeks are burnin fire truck redyou'd think you'd be learnin it's all in your head
that you don't deserve the things
that all your kindness brings
you see it is the truth
i'm only trying to prove
that i love you and wanna hug you until we both shave our heads

"crawling through my things
you think you're funny"
excuse me while i sneeze
i'm allergic to bologna
don't expect me to believe
that story
"what is it you think you're doing
always assuming?

that i was out too late snuck in the fire escape turned off my phone and i was not alone but even if it's true what'd you expect to do leave me standing here you think i'd even care? i'd leave you with nothing they'd put you in cuffs and take away the kids no matter what you did you'll try and try and waste your money but i won't let you leave me honey"

well that's what you said
and that's what you think
aimed at your head
i didn't even blink

The Color Red

Sometimes my favorite part of an album are the little vingettes, little sound collages in between the singles. (The most prominent of these: No Age, M83, Boards of Canada, Spoon, Of Montreal etc.). I know I've not come near the emotional magnitude of I Guess I'm Floating, but the idea behind it was a breif inspiration to just make some noise.

The Color Red



this is a first draft. the logical song after this one is key bored.


what do i have now?
so much more
but it only helps keep my mind
off the little i had before


Kroger (Mix 1)

I wrote and recorded this yesterday. I have faith in it. I also don't have the time to finish it at the moment. So before I do anything else, I'd like to know what you'd do in the name of art. It's a solid Buddy Holly-esque pop song. All I've done so far are guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Granted, that's all you need. I'll probably just re-do the vocals and end it at that.

Kroger (Mix 1):

(^right click, save as).

i don't want to be another stupid boy
that you think is a cute and funny toy
that you stole from your friend who called me first
just to prove you could get me why don't you
purse your lips my dear get ready for a kiss
but watch me as i duck and do what i never did

hold on girl
you've got another thing coming for you

let's meet before the bell for school
spend a day in the park with nothing to do
i get a hint of your lovely perfume
who knew so much fun could be had in the women's
i find it funny
that we both agree it was a good thing that you were bloody

hold on girl
i got a nothing thing coming for me

you'd think that i would make a move
but i'm too young and dumb to have a clue
don't forget you're the one who's older
so why'd you take advantage of me behind the
where we rolled in the grass
before i knew it was over and now it's all in the past

hold on girl
you've got another thing coming for you


Innocent And Pretty

I have a new song, although there are a few changes I'd like to make. Those guitars should just be acoustic for one.

Innocent and Pretty:

i think i'd notice if i have changed
but since i was told this i realized it be sad if i had stayed the same
as always fame is calling

lying on the floor always accept
knocks on the door get up and let them in
so feminine but you know she's alright
despite the fact that she makes me feel attacked

is it those eyes or that she grew up with me
all so familiar originality left
probably not here but i try and i try and this is what i get

cut me some slack i'm trying to get back to where i was last year
all innocent and pretty
stuck in the past growing up fast wondering how i got here
pouty and sickly

Standing At The Bustop I Heard A Voice Behind Me

Mix #2

1. Bistro - Madvillain
2. Dr. Carter - Lil' Wayne
3. Airworks - J Dilla
4. I'm A Lady - Diplo/Santogold
5. Posse On Broadway - Sir Mix A Lot/Diplo/Santogold
6. Basic Instinct - Quasimoto
7. One Blood Under W - Wu-Tang Clan
8. Hoe Cakes - MF DOOM
9. Suicide Uma Schrantz - P.O.S.
10. The Bmore Club Slam - Wale
11. Gold Watch - Lupe Fiasco
12. Phony Rappers - A Tribe Called Quest
13. Hi. - J Dilla
14. Shells - MIA
15. Me - Atmosphere
16. The Artistic Integrity - Wale

Mix #1

Mix #1

1. Risky and Pretty - Asobi Seksu
2. Keechie - No Age
3. Wishful Thinking - Wilco
4. Femme Fatale - Velvet Underground
5. What Child Is This - Vince Guaraldi
6. Gibralter - The Radio Dept.
7. Quick Canal - Atlas Sound
8. I Guess I'm Floating - M83
9. Rebel Rebel - Seu Jorge
10. No More Sorry - My Bloody Valentine
11. Glow Worms - Vashti Bunyan
12. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) - Beach Boys
13. Call the Doctor - Spaceman 3
14. Glacially - Asobi Seksu
15. Lower Your Eyelids To Die With - M83


George Clooney

I guess it all comes down to this eventually. Celebrity hyperbole.

George Clooney:

never go to them
let them come to you
just like i do


You can fiddle with frequencies, twist knobs, compress the heck out of things, but in the end sometimes it's best to just redo it completely. Move that mic back an inch, press record.

I've gotta keep telling myself that, sometimes it's hard to let go.

Totally Ripped

Busy day today, so I didn't get a chance to record. Instead I'll give you guys an oldie. Did this one new year's eve.


it seems like days since you were sittin pretty
feedin lies into a tube
packing so much salt into my wounds that
you're leaving barely any room
respectin lives and
beady eyes and
open flies

too much that no one ever notices
all the faults in your ways
and i'm tired of today

total strangers in our kitchen living room
tried t0 take one for the team
if it wasn't for the trap you set for me
i would've dropped you when i was seventeen

fought my way to the front of the line
i got what i could get
took out a loan and then distributed mine
to all the ladies that i met
ashtrays filled to the point of breaking
like hearts in high school
i'm reminded of a time when i was
just a simple happy fool

what is this in my bed

total breakdown in the cafeteria
dirty rice all on the floor
sending you into a mass hysteria
looks like i'm stuck forever


Safe Travels

Safe Travels


licking the stamps and envelopes
that i am sending to my folks

bobby can you hear me?
bobby stop spitting
bobby won't you shut up

four years isn't a big difference still my words don't stick
i am not a baby i'm just sick
of you


Simple Things

Simple Things:

Alex came over today and helped with the song.
We'll see about the lyrics. Sorry Bradford for ripping the bass line, although we all do it, don't we?

this is weird with you right here my friend
watching us go at it again and again
press record check the tape
won't be long now till we're late

she agreed to it
a lot can change in fifteen minutes

we'll rent out the garage
two couches and two rings for marriage

my mom says we can have her crib
i get food stamps if i declare another dependent

clock's ticking
august ain't too far
don't you wish life could be simpler?



Key Bored


hey man they are watching us
choose your battles put up fuss
job descriptions tired eyes
I sure like to complain and whine

wallowing in the sink
cut your hair
do not think

every day I open up
positive negative
why did she look at me that way
what'd I do what'd i say

get over it