Kroger (Mix 1)

I wrote and recorded this yesterday. I have faith in it. I also don't have the time to finish it at the moment. So before I do anything else, I'd like to know what you'd do in the name of art. It's a solid Buddy Holly-esque pop song. All I've done so far are guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Granted, that's all you need. I'll probably just re-do the vocals and end it at that.

Kroger (Mix 1):

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i don't want to be another stupid boy
that you think is a cute and funny toy
that you stole from your friend who called me first
just to prove you could get me why don't you
purse your lips my dear get ready for a kiss
but watch me as i duck and do what i never did

hold on girl
you've got another thing coming for you

let's meet before the bell for school
spend a day in the park with nothing to do
i get a hint of your lovely perfume
who knew so much fun could be had in the women's
i find it funny
that we both agree it was a good thing that you were bloody

hold on girl
i got a nothing thing coming for me

you'd think that i would make a move
but i'm too young and dumb to have a clue
don't forget you're the one who's older
so why'd you take advantage of me behind the
where we rolled in the grass
before i knew it was over and now it's all in the past

hold on girl
you've got another thing coming for you

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  1. if i was to do something in the name of art i would paint one-half of my body black and the other white, and have totally long jet black hair in a pony tail, and i would wear black shiny leather at shows and play crazy music. oh yeah good song... i really like the rhythm, though, on the next song.