I certainly could have written better lyrics. Oh well, I like how it turned out. The instruments need to be mixed up to the vocals, I left them up from when I was tracking them and bounced it without remembering to revert it to normal.


there isn't much i wouldn't do
in the name of you
all you have to do
is catch me in the right mood
when your cheeks are burnin fire truck redyou'd think you'd be learnin it's all in your head
that you don't deserve the things
that all your kindness brings
you see it is the truth
i'm only trying to prove
that i love you and wanna hug you until we both shave our heads

"crawling through my things
you think you're funny"
excuse me while i sneeze
i'm allergic to bologna
don't expect me to believe
that story
"what is it you think you're doing
always assuming?

that i was out too late snuck in the fire escape turned off my phone and i was not alone but even if it's true what'd you expect to do leave me standing here you think i'd even care? i'd leave you with nothing they'd put you in cuffs and take away the kids no matter what you did you'll try and try and waste your money but i won't let you leave me honey"

well that's what you said
and that's what you think
aimed at your head
i didn't even blink

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