I haven't played drums like that in a while.

Sorry for the wait, I've just been half-heartedly busy with this and that. Truthfully I haven't been able to record anything for a couple of weeks due to a dive in self confidence (musically). That and I'm out of hard drive space. Not that either of those two things should stop me from writing anything. and I've dabbled. But only today has something remotely come to fruition. It shall be expanded upon and put to tape (digital) as soon as the next opportunity arrives.

But honestly, I feel as though I've been listening to Street Hassle too much since I came to the idea by playing over a loop of myself fingering the general bassline and noodling licks here and there. The chords are different though, and we all know how many songs have Charlie Brown's bassline, hmm?

At least in the drought I've had experiences that lend themselves to being written about. How I could do so without being so overtly obvious to those who were involved, I do not kn
ow. So maybe it's time for me to avoid the vague and plainly write, at the risk of alienating those whom I've written about? Or welcoming them in?

Case in point:

For You


  1. Ten thousand points for the "suck it" reference. :)

  2. I finally got speakers in my office! I can listen to your music instead of all the other crap that I surround myself with everyday to appeal to co-workers. I am, actually more excited than I can convey in a comment.