I use this thing, a delay pedal called the DigiTech DigiDelay. I use it for everything. If I had to have one [instrument] to make music with, it would be that. I've used it on every vocal I've ever done. It's also the source of a lot of sounds on our record that people didn't realize-- the entire first track ["Intro"] is done on one. That's just my voice; there's no keyboards on the majority of that track. There's one keyboard part at the end, but that's it. All the loops are my voice. And a lot of the sounds on "Octet" are my voice looped through this thing. It has a really cool additive way of making loops. Everybody in Deerhunter has one. Every single person in the band, after seeing me use it, was like, "I have to have one of those." It's the one thing we all have in common.
I went to this thrift store in Marietta, and I got this bad-ass Tiffany lamp with a dragonfly design in the stained glass. I really like old stained glass lamps, I have no idea why. But I got that and this fucking insane vintage pearloid yellow drum kit. And my grand total that day was $17. It was totally unexpected too. I saw the drum kit in the window, and I totally expected it to be-- you know how thrift stores will get a shitty Casio keyboard these days and charge $35?-- so I'm expecting them to tell me the drums are $500 or something: "We know what these go for on eBay! We have a computer you know!" So I go back there and ask how much it is, and she was like, "Oh, I don't know, $25." And then I went back in and found that lamp, and I almost shit myself. And then I went to check out, and it turns out it was half-off day. So I got a drum set for 12 bucks! "

- Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound
(full interview)

Just saying.

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